Do admissions results make you want to cry sometimes?

<p>I know this sounds dumb, but as a senior who has decided to apply to all schools RD, the pressure of the admissions process is really getting to me. Everything is so out of our control, but I just can't stop thinking, what if? What if my essays weren't good enough, what if none of the schools I like accept me, what if...And then I see these amazing students on CC getting rejected and deferred left and right.</p>

<p>I guess I'm worried because so many people at my school were accepted to great places EA. I'm really happy for them because they deserve it, but I can't help worrying about my situation.</p>

<p>Any other seniors with the same thoughts? How are you peacefully waiting until the admissions results come out? I think any senior (myself included) would really appreciate advice from people who have been here already.</p>

<p>You should realize and accept the fact that the decision won't change or come any earlier even if you stress or worry. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!</p>

<p>I've taken a view that it just doesn't matter if I don't get into my reaches, since I applied knowing fully well that there's only a slim chance of being accepted. I do also have the "comfort" of having been accepted to UT and two other schools, but I wouldn't feel any different as long as I know I have safeties.</p>