Do All Colleges Require 1st Semester Senior Grades?

<p>I know almost every school to which you are deferred from EA requires them to be sent, but what about for regular admission applications? Almost all those applications were due Dec. 31 or Jan.1, and 1 semester grades at our H.S. will be recorded this Friday Feb 3. If they don't ask for them, should you send them anyway?</p>

<p>Colleges know that not all schools will have semester grades by their deadline. (On our system, mid-year grades are not released until the third week of February, a month after exams!!) Check with each school's website, but every school my kids applied to wanted to see mid-year reports, including schools with rolling and RD. One school let the kids self-report mid-year grades, but I am not sure if they still do that.</p>

<p>IIRC, your S was deferred at a couple of schools -- I would DEFINITELY send mid-year grades, whether or not the school requests them. It demonstrates interest, and if he did well this semester, it may help tip his app into the accepted pile.</p>

<p>Not all colleges require mid semester grades. The rolling admission public schools in our state require an official HS transcript with the application, and if admitted and planning to attend, a final transcript.</p>

<p>We sent them to every college to which our sons applied. Actually, we didn't send them--our high school guidance office sent them.</p>

<p>Yea - pretty much. Even after you are accepted and enroll, colleges want you completed high school transcript. You can check on the admissions website - they will spell it out for you.</p>

<p>Check to see what the school requires. There is often a form (called Mid Year Report in the Common Application universe of forms) tht needs to be sent by the GC with a transcript of first semester grades.</p>

<p>Both my S's were admitted to their state u's before T'giving. I'm pretty sure that our h.s. just sent the final transcript in June unless asked to do otherwise.</p>

<p>If the student applied using the Common App isn't the midterm report automatically sent?</p>