Do all of the "better" colleges require a supplemental essay?

<p>Or do some just use the commonap essay?</p>

<p>Many require a supplement, which is available on the Common App website itself.</p>

<p>Many do require another one, although not all (Harvard from what I remember does not)</p>

<p>Many of the Ivy League universities utilize the secondary, or supplemental, essay as a means to learn something more about you that they could not find elsewhere in your application.</p>

<p>Most do, I know Vandy doesnt, so if youre applying there make sure to personalize it by creating a version for it. Also, you can always submit an extra essay to show your interest. Typically, non Ivies care more about interest.</p>

<p><a href="Harvard%20from%20what%20I%20remember%20does%20not">quote</a>


Harvard has a supplement, but the supplement essay is not "required." However, most serious applicants write it, so it seems like not doing so might hurt your chances.</p>