do any college acceptances NOT come in a fat envelope?

<p>...just curious</p>

<p>MIT's early acceptances come in tubes. :D</p>

<p>(I don't think that's what you're asking, though. I'm not aware of any colleges that send acceptances in small envelopes.)</p>

<p> Georgetown Early Acceptance Letter came in a regular size envelope and only had 3 sheets of paper in it.</p>

<p>chicagos wasnt fat.</p>

<p>it was thick. =D</p>

<p>Yeah, USC's acceptance package apparently weighs a pound. When I got mine from the University of Dallas, it was a huge package and the mailman actually rang my doorbell. Five dollars's worth of postage. xD</p>

<p>Some SUNY Schools. 3 of mine were all in small envelopes (albany, new paltz, oneonta). They were all thin small envelopes with like 2-3 sheets of paper.</p>

<p>My first college acceptance letter, Sacred Heart, came in a thin, tiny white envelope.</p>

<p>some are in a regular sized thin envelope. so dont be distressed until u see the actual letter</p>

<p>Some of my acceptances came in standard envelopes that were overstuffed, some came with just a single sheet of paper (more info and stuff is sent after accepting the offer of admittance), some came in 9x12 envelopes with everything neatly organized.</p>

<p>It depends on the school.</p>

<p>Amherst ED was a plain white envelope (obviously with their return address.) I thought for sure that it meant that I was rejected. I actually had to read the beginning of the letter over a couple of times before it sunk in that I had been accepted.</p>

<p>Case Western was regular envelope, and like above we were sure it was a rejection. D was so relieved at reading the first few sentences that she was accepted she missed the part in the middle of the letter about the scholarship.</p>

<p>Thin envelopes do not necessarily carry rejections, but I think a fat envelope every time guarantees an acceptance. </p>

<p>I recently opened 2 college acceptances that were thin envelopes; my only thick envelope so far was an honors program I was admitted to.</p>

<p>Tulane was five regular sized letters on the same day... It's a backup for me. Waiting for USC.</p>

<p>usc is out. well at least some of them. ppl reported huge envelopes and packages from USC with information about the school enclosed</p>

<p>Cornell's a small envelope.</p>

<p>UC riverside's acceptance letter is a cardstock pop-up book</p>

<p>My USC envelope wasn't was just big-boned.</p>

<p>Anyway, on a more serious note, yeah, plenty of colleges send out letters in regular sized envelopes. So don't burn regular envelopes before you open them!</p>

<p>Vermont's early action was slightly bigger than an index card.
I was pretty sure I was getting rejected, as everyone else.
On the other hand, my Georgia Tech Admissions was a big envelope that said "Congratulations... You're A Yellow Jacket," printed on the outside.</p>

<p>I remember reading somewhere that some schools send the decision in a small envelope first and the enrollment package after, because small envelopes go through the mail faster. That's what happened with me and Seattle University.</p>

<p>Ironically enough, USC's request for midyear grades came the same day in the same sized envelope.</p>

<p>Likely letters come in thin envelopes, those are quasi-acceptances. Also, some school send out acceptance letters and say that information is coming in a couple of weeks. The fat envelope comes a couple of weeks after the thin envelope acceptance letter.</p>