Do any of the admitted students wake up thinking its a dream?


<p>Every day I wake up I need to assure myself that I really did get in UCB..
I cant even picture myself at UCB yet!</p>

<p>So happy.... </p>

<p>I will see all of you in the fall! :)</p>

<p><em>waves at you</em></p>

<p>see you this fall</p>

<p>It's the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning...
See you there!</p>

<p>I'M WITH YOU RIGHT THERE! I would have bet anyone a hundred bucks that I wouldn't get into Cal, HAHA!</p>

<p>I still can't believe I got in. I felt that rush all over again yesterday when I got the admission folder in the mail. I was so set on UC Irvine, now I have to decide between these two! It's definitely been occupying my mind all weekend -_-</p>

<p>CONGRATULATIONS on getting admitted!!! =)</p>

<p>Once I found out I was convinced they were lying to me- I was already certain that there was no possible way I was going to get accecpted. I only believed that it was real afer getting the packet in the mail. Then my parents fought over who was going to put the Cal decal on their car....</p>

<p>Yeah! I couldn't help but think it might have been like that UCSD mistake last year, and they were going to send me a rejection correction soon. </p>

<p>"Then my parents fought over who was going to put the Cal decal on their car...." - THeHidingInACorner</p>

<p>^ HAHA, that's so cute! Congratulations :]</p>

<p>haha yeah same! I cried when I got in. Then I started crying because I can't afford it (oos) =( so yeah good luck to all of you guys!</p>

<p>I think "UNBELIEVABLE" is literally the only word to describe it.
I have fallen asleep and woken up thinking about it these past three days.
I just signed up for OHP and I didn't even think I would get the opportunity to do that.
I can't wait until April 25th when I can buy my first "Cal" sweatshirt from the bookstore! :D</p>

"Then my parents fought over who was going to put the Cal decal on their car...."</p>

<p>HAHAHA XD OMG my parents too! </p>

<p>Yeah, I honestly think the only thing that got me in was my essay. ^__^ I don't have anything on my application that stands out, but I really had fun writing my personal statement. I already prepared myself when I got rejected from LA, so i was soo surprised to get into Cal.</p>

<p>cal is a great school.... amazing area, amazing campus, amazing weather</p>

<p>im sick of socal</p>

<p>i just found that sticker >.>
had to turn the folder upside down haha</p>

<p>wow i thought I was the only one lmao yeah..i woke up thinking about it again today! maybe all of us are good people and that's why we got in lol jk. idk i never ever considered it cuz i thought i was gonna get rejected! i looked at the screen and it said CONGRATULATIONS! and i was like what the fluck. and i kept reading and it said it but i was shocked. i would've have bet anyone a hundred bucks too that i would get in! i was gonna go to USC if i got in or pepperdine or loyola marymount. im SOOO glad i dont have to go there. i couldnt imagine myself saying i go to any of those although they are good skools. i just hoped for something better!</p>

<p>oh yeah hiding in a corner..</p>

<p>at least ur parents fight over the sticker! lol my parents could care less. oh well <em>sigh</em> lol jk at least i guess i had the joy of putting it up for myself! lmao</p>

<p>lol at parents fighting over the Cal decal/sticker. if you have a friend who got in to Berkeley but is not going there, s/he could give the unneeded decal to your parent! :)</p>

<p>Everyday since I've gotten my acceptance, I've been thinking that they're going to email me and say "Dear Ms. collegebound9622, we regret to inform you that we made a mistake in your application and you have in fact been rejected, not accepted into Cal"</p>

<p>It's just complete disbelief. As an international student, I am in absolute shock that I got into the College of Engineering. I cannot wait!</p>

<p>what a nice thread</p>

<p>congratulations on your acceptances to Cal</p>

<p>It is nice to see this excitement about attending a college....</p>

<p>it is exciting...just remember that this is the easiest part of the journey. If I knew Cal was going to have so many obstacles, I probably wouldn't have been as delusional last year. Don't take me wrong, I love berkeley, but make sure you really start thinking about what you want to do with your life here. It is a rough ride here but enjoyable if you plan well.</p>

<p>lol oh god. what do u mean by THAT? everyone seems to be warning others about berkeley and then they say they still love it. : l ughhhhh</p>