Do Big4/other accounting recruiters treat junior transfers differently?

<p>I'm going to be transferring to a higher ranked college for accounting next semester as a junior. Being the junior year, I'll be applying to the Big4 and a host of other accounting firms like Grant Thornton. My understanding of their recruiting process is that they look at your resume to determine if your GPA and extracurricular is good enough. Since I'll be transferring, I'll have no GPA and classes on the new school's transcript. The recruiters do require all college transcripts to be sent to them right, so when I'm applying for internships at the new school, they would just be looking previous transcript right? </p>

<p>Will the Big4 treat me differently since I am a junior transfer? Will they interview students that have been at that university since freshmen year first? </p>

<p>Will I be at a major disadvantage by transferring to another school as a junior?</p>

<p>I hope recruiters don't treat transfers differently hehe</p>

<p>no, they wont treat you differently.</p>