Do campus visits count?

<p>I've actually visited the USC campus in April during Spring Break but I didn't go on an official tour then. I'm planning on going down to socal sometime soon and I was planning to stop by USC again to get a more comprehensive view of what life's like there, but do campus tours count for anything? I've heard something about going on campus tours shows interest but do they actually have any significance? I'm going to go on one anyway but I was just wondering. By the way, are campus tours very holistic or are they structured to allow prospective students to experience the different academic departments at USC? Thanks!</p>

<p>If you making plans to come down to USC i would take the time to interview and to see campus. i am not sure if it helps in the admissions process or not. I have heard varying views on this.</p>

<p>The head of admissions for USC said the university does not track applicant interest. The interviews are informational (meaning, they are for you to ask questions, not to be evaluated) and we know many students who had wonderful interviews but were, yet, denied. Many have had no interview and still were admitted (and with merit scholarship invitations--for which they did interview). </p>

<p>Bottom line, when you visit campus, it is all for you and whatever will give you the best chance to evaluate how you fit there is what you should do. If you sign up early enough for the campus tour, you can also sign up for an additional tour of one of USC's Schools (majors).</p>

<p>I don't believe they asked me how often I visited the campus on my application.</p>