Do classes within your major fulfill GEs as well?

<p>Do classes required for your major fulfill GE topical breadth requiremen​ts? Specifical​ly MAT 16 series and STA 13 for ECN. Most people I've asked say no but the website says "Courses in your major may count toward the topical breadth component when those courses are also assigned to subject areas other than the area of your major." What's with the "may"?
I've asked a lot of people and heard firm yeses and nos. The thing is the website is vague and a 'yes' would imply that ECN majors don't even really have SciEng requirements. I'm currently waiting to hear back from my adviser but if anyone here has anything to share that would be cool too.</p>

<p>Last year at orientation the advisor just crossed off my SciEng GE saying it was because I'm BioSci, so I'm assuming it does. However, I think it should be mentioned by the college you're in.</p>

<p>Well, BioSci is SciEng so that makes sense. I'm in ECN so I have the same situation with SocSci requirements. I was wondering about my own SciEng requirements. But I just got an email back:</p>

<p>Dear xxxx,</p>

<p>Generally, the Sci & Eng GE topical breadth component is fulfilled with the MAT 16A, MAT 16B and STA 13 (as long as they are taken for a letter grade) for the ECN major. The College of Letters and Science has the last say about GE credit, so you might want to talk to an advisor in the college, 200 SSH, about your GE requirements.</p>

<p>So yeah, just in case anyone was wondering, ECN majors don't have to do anything outside of their major to fulfill SciEng requirements. Nice. :)</p>

<p>Yes I should have clarified. The advisor crossed off SciEng because the courses required in the BioSci major fulfill the SciEng req, not the major itself.</p>

<p>GE reqs are filled by classes whether they're required for your major or not, subject to your specific college's demands.</p>