Do college admission officers monitor this forum?

<p>...hahaha I bet those ivy-league admission officers do - laughing and joking as they read those “what are my chances” threads...</p>

<p>so who else thinks they do?</p>

<p>See my last post on the Parents Forum, Thread, A little caution to new posters (or similiar title).</p>

<p>I have to think so. I don't think they are laughing and joking necessarily- they may wish they could tell people to relax a little though. And, posters should keep in mind all of the points brought up in "A little caution to new posters" that CLdad refers to.</p>

<p>It's a reasonable assumption that among the thousands of visitors to the CC forum there are a few college admissions officers. I wouldn't recommend posting anything personally identifiable, or describing any attempt to hoodwink the adcoms by leaving out info, etc. This is a public forum, and appropriate caution should be used.</p>

<p>i say some of them are posing as high school student so that they can tell those smart kids to not apply at their(the admission officer's) school.....</p>

<p>that way admission officers have less work to do and they get to go home early......</p>

<p>...see this forum is just a big conspieracy</p>

<p>lol i doubt it? i dont think many of those admissions officers probably have the time rite about now to go onto a college discussion forum and read their hearts away</p>

<p>colleges want applicants, #1 it raises moeny for colleges, #2 it gives them a lower acceptance rate, and #3 it gives them more choices of students.</p>

<p>Im sure they view this site. I know where a lot of you post your stats "prstats", it has notified users, that it has been targeted a few times by adcom servers listing their ip's.</p>

<p>No but I'm pretty sure high-profile newspaper reporters do.</p>

<p>I checked my email the other day--the one I used to register on the old CC boards that I never used, and I had responded to a poker thread and a reporter from the L.A. Times wanted to interview me. Don't know if it seems legit or not, but...there ya go.</p>

<p>Yeah, some other reporter emailed me about the success of people who weren't really qualified for certain colleges or something. Didn't know anything about it.</p>