Do College Admissions Reps Save Email Addresses?

<p>I met a admissions rep at Washington University in St. Louis a few months ago and sent a follow up thank you email shortly after. About 2 weeks a WUSTL rep came to my school since she is the regional admissions person and gave me her card. I want to send her an email, but my email address has changed. I know WUSTL is known to keep files for each student about info they've sent or whatever so I wondered if using a different email address will affect them being able to known I'm the same student.</p>

<p>This is important because I want them to know its ME showing interest in the school multiple times... lol thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Just a guess</p>

<p>If they see Jane Doe from Millard Fillmore High School, they will connect the dots.</p>

<p>Otherwise, to the extent that Wash U tracks these things, I'm sure that you won't be the first student who has changed email.</p>

<p>They aren't likely to be tracking just how many times you email them, but the quality of those contacts. Otherwise admissions people would be innundated with masses of email drivel.</p>

<p>If you want, make sure in your next email you put your name in context, "I'm not sure you would remember me, but I met you when I visited the campus last April, and again when you visited at my high school.....I was hoping you could answer my question about XYZ>>>>" (not a question that could be answered with a quick look at the university's website).</p>