Do colleges break down grades by year?

<p>My overall average isn't that great, especially for my school. However, almost all my bad grades are from freshmen and sophmore year. My lowest grade from junior year was an 85 in AP Art History and I got a 5 on the AP test. I was looking at some college statistics from a year or two ago that my school offers. It gives lowest GPA, SAT verbal and math accepted and highest GPA, SAT verbal and math scores rejected. For Cornell (my ED school), the lowest GPA on the sheet was and 81.something. So will Cornell see that I went up by at least 4 points (on the 100 scale) to a 91 average in my junior year or will they evaluate my ability based on blunders I made when I was a freshmen? Either way my average is above the lowest accepted on the stat sheet. So to make a long story short, any predictions?</p>