Do colleges care about a low subject test score?

I took two subject tests in June and one of them was literature, which I got a 670 on. Ik that’s pretty bad, but I basically did not study at all and am planning on retaking in August.
If I can get a good score on the literature test second time around, will colleges care about the 670? I’m looking at top schools such as Brown, UChicago, WashU, Yale, etc.

For those colleges, the question is moot. You get to choose which Subject Test Scores to send, so don’t send the 670 if you later get a higher score. In these cases, they would never see the 670. Problem solved.

Now if you are applying to a school like Georgetown that requires all scores, then they will focus on your higher score. YMMV, but I would not call a 670 “low.” I grant you that you might not find it an ideal score, but it’s not low.

Thanks! @skieurope

I definitely agree that you should submit the scores that you are comfortable with. As someone who is close to an ex-Ivy League School Director, it’s refreshing to know that low scores can be overlooked if you are a strong overall applicant.

Not necessarily true that they will never see the lower score. You can use score choice and prevent College Board from providing the score, but there is a separate issue. Many high schools put all your test scores on your high school transcript sent to colleges. Thus, you need to determine whether your high school does that.

As to what happens if you send the 670 and then also send another higher literature score, colleges that require, recommend or consider subject tests to determine admission will generally use the higher one.

I have never heard of a high school putting subject tests scores on a transcript. How would we know if they do that?

Ask the high school or request a copy of the official that they would send? I asked that for my DD’s high school they just stamped it with unofficial

BTW I knew our high school does not include standardized tests but I like to see the format of the transcript