Do colleges care if you use the wrong word in a college essay!

I recently applied to JHU WF and Vandy and realized i made a typo in the last sentence.

I mentioned “at (college name), where academic opportunities are OBSOLETE…”

i thought the word obsolete meant plentiful and i could vaguely remember it on bur apparently it means out of date.

what should i do? help!!

pretty top notch schools. that could hurt. ask your counselor if you can correct

would you like to see the essay?

or just the last paragraph so you can see it in context.

I would say they care to the extent that an essay is the view they have into your writing skills. This is less important than they actual message of the essay, and it’s only one part of an application, so it’s not a big deal. But I can’t say “don’t worry, it doesn’t matter”.

But I would also say “nothing you can do about it now”.