do colleges get mad when you say "see additional page"?

it’s a simple question.

i’ve worked on an essay for common app, as well as answered a short questions(meaningful activity and academic honors)
i tried my best to shorten my essay, but i think 600 is my limit. and also for short quesions, i couldnt answer them in 150, but 170~190.
well fortunately common app didnt truncate but it shows “Please see additional pages” and all my essay and answers are on additional pages.

Is it ohkay??? or do colleges go hard on the word limit???

<p>It's okay, but don't go way over the limits....</p>

<p>My application essay to all the schools went to the additional page. Essay was like 600 words. Short answer was like 250.</p>

<p>all my answers/essay are out of limit. basically i have 3 additional pages. IS IT STILL OKAY??</p>

<p>also, even though i am a minumum amount of leaderships and awards, it's still hard to keep common app.'s limit. should i put explanation on additional page?? what would you guys do???
(it's not that i have too many awards, but simply the title or name of organization is too long to fit in..)</p>