Do colleges know about self-studied AP's?

<p>For the AP's that you've self studied and taken the exam for, do colleges know about them? Since you haven't taken the course in school, the ones that you self-study won't show up on your transcript so how will colleges be made aware about the exam that you took but didn't do the course for?</p>

<p>They'll show up on your AP score report.</p>

<p>^ If I haven't done the class, but have done the exam will I still earn college credit?</p>

<p>Also, does your AP number change every year you take an AP exam? Or do they give it at the beginning and it stays the same for the rest of the time your doing AP exams/courses?</p>

<p>And, does your AP score include the exams you have done since you started doing AP's or just the ones from that specific year/testing date?</p>

<p>Depends on the college.</p>

<p>AP number changes every year.</p>

<p>If you are talking about the score report you will receive in July, then it only includes the AP scores from the current year.</p>

<p>@FallenAngel9, how will colleges know about the AP's taken in previous years if the score report includes only the scores from that year?</p>

<p>It doesn't only include that year's scores. Each score report is cumulative, and includes your scores for every AP you've taken, including in past years.</p>

<p>Put self-studied APs on your resume for college. I did that.</p>

<p>You'll earn college credit if the college awards credit for that particular score in that particular subject--regardless of whether you self-studied or took a course. And there is a place to report AP scores on your apps; just put down your scores there for the self-studied courses. They should be able to figure out that you self-studied, since the class doesn't appear on your transcript.</p>

<p>This is what I did.</p>

<p>@SeekingUni - You sure? I'm 90% sure my Euro exam (which I took two years ago) wasn't on my score report last year. I may have just not seen it since I was too "eager" to figure out my scores from that year's tests. If this is the case, my bad.</p>

<p>@PreppyDude123 - Colleges don't find out about any AP scores unless you report them yourself (or submit an official score report, but I wouldn't do that since it costs money unless you take advantage of that free deal and colleges don't require it). The score report you receive in July only goes to you, unless you selected colleges to have the scores sent to at the test. If you did, the schools you selected will receive an official score report for that test.</p>

<p>@Fallen: Yes, I'm positive. AP</a> Scores ?AP Test Scores</p>