Do colleges look at extracurriculars for JuCo transfers?

<p>If I'm transferring from a junior college to a private college, will they still factor things in besides my grades? It's hard to get a job and my jc is too far away to play sports for... If I have a 3.8 do you think that will be fine? Since people tend not to have ec's during jc?</p>

<p>Only top colleges care about ECs. If you're applying to moderately selective privates with the grades and scores, you should be fine at most.</p>

<p>Does Vanderbilt count? They're considered a top college but have an acceptance rate about 50%</p>

<p>Oh hmom5, that's good to hear. I'm thinking about Loyola Marymount and Chapman for privates. LMU is my dream school (I'm not as gifted as others here). I might get be able to get a job, but still very unlikely with no experience in CA. </p>

<p>I just remembered I need to see their sites. However sometimes what a college says on its site is different than what they tend to do. I just want some general feedback.</p>

<p>I think ECs almost always matter. Unless, of course, they're just looking for someone to pay full freight.</p>

<p>there's only one thing for certain when it comes to ECs-it don't hurt to do 'em</p>

<p>Look at your other activities you have been doing during JC. Colleges are looking to accept productive students. While some ECs are indeed favorites, random unique ones should not be ignored.</p>

<p>They'll seldom (if ever) make or break you, but transfer admissions are so competitive that you can't really afford to neglect any part of your application when it could help you.</p>