Do colleges look at grading scales?

<p>I started a thread a while back asking about your schools grading scale. It was almost evenly divided. </p>

<p>My half had (Small percent had a harder grading scale then this!)
100-94 = A
93-86 = B</p>

<p>While the other half had
100-90 = A
89-80 = B</p>

<p>Now the second grading scale is much easier, I don't think many people on the 94pt scale would ever have had a B if they went by the 90 scale. So do you think colleges will see the grading scale? </p>

<p>This is not about the weight of GPA.</p>

<p>Yes, colleges take that into consideration. That's why they ask for your school's profile when you send in your transcript.</p>

<p>Do you live in Fairfax County Plue?</p>

<p>out of curiosity plue, does your school weight your grades? for example, do they add percentage points onto your grade in a class if it is honors or AP? </p>

<p>i used to go to schools that had a 93-100=A and 85-92=B grading scale, but they also weighted grades. now i'm on the 90-100=A scale and i like it better, even though we get no grade or GPA weightings.</p>

<p>The problem with everything related to GPAs is that schools can differ immensely with regards to rigor of classes and caliber of students. Based on the acceptances from my school, I'd say that colleges tend to profile the high schools from which they receive applications and thereby judge GPAs (i.e. they setup a standard GPA range from each school based on previous years and use that to assess applicants in subsequent admissions cycles).</p>

<p>My new school is the 93-100 and I hate it. Why should a 92 be considered a B? I miss my 90-100 scale so much</p>

<p>@nj<em>azn</em>premed: lol, i'm glad that almost nobody from my school ever applies to good schools "back east" then. no pre-set GPA limit for me =)</p>

No I live in Virginia Beach</p>

Yes my school adds .448 for an A in an AP class but nothing for B/C/D. Would rather just have no weight and a 10pt scale.</p>

<p>i thought they must give a GPA weighting. but do they give an actual grade weighting? my old school would do it this way: if you got, say, a 92% in a class and it was an honors class, it would turn into a 95% by adding 3 percentage points. if that class was an AP class, it would turn into a 97% by adding five percentage points. it still stinks next to the 90=A scale, but at least they gave us a bit of a weight.</p>

<p>Lucky, I wish i had that.</p>

<p>Then again, some people have a 5pt scale.</p>

<p>Wow, I have a
100-99 A+
98-95 A
94-93 A-
92-91 B+
90-86 B
85-84 B-</p>

<p>and so on...
Also, +'s and -'s count against the GPA</p>

<p>o_o...mine is
A - 93-100<br>
A minus - 90-92.99<br>
B plus - 87-89.99
B - 83-86.99
B minus - 80-82.99
and so friend's high school has a 90-100 = A grading scale, which I really envy; In seventh grade, for some unknown reason, I put my two A minuses and one A in geometry (we were on a trimester schedule in middle school) onto my high school transcript, which is really messing with my cumulative GPA and probably already ruins my chances at valedictorian.</p>

<p>Mine is +/- too.....I HATE IT.</p>

<p>That's rough, Billiam. My school is roughly the same. :(</p>

<p>A+ : 98-100
A : 95-97
A- : 93-94
B+ : 90-92</p>

<p>And so on...</p>

<p>I'd rather have 100-93 be an A with the 3 pts for Honors and 5 pts for AP. Trust me.</p>

<p>My previous school had this. Prepare to be stunned.</p>

<p>A+: 80+
A: 70-79
B+: 65-69
B: 60-64
C+: 55-59
C: 50-54
D+: 45-49
D: 40-44
E: <40</p>

<p>Then again, grading was so tough that very few even got A+. Grades mostly hovered around the B+/A border.</p>

<p>Even if the average is in the A/B+ that still means your school is incredibly easy to do well in. I would so envy that. Was it a foreign high school or something? Were the tests like AP test/SAT/AMC level?</p>

<p>Mine is usually

<p>But two (only two teachers) grade using:

<p>(I have the two teachers next year...I think...hope not)</p>


<p>For GPA:

<p>I really like our grading scale. ^_^ Not only are we not punished for A-'s and are allowed to round up to an A- from 89.5, but we also don't rank/weight grades. SO glad I came here for HS. :D</p>

<p>I envy that.</p>

<p>Ours fails:
93-100%=A, 4.0
90-92%=A-, 3.7</p>

<p>Traditional 10 point +/- but no extras for A+. I got killed because all 7th graders are required to take 1 quarter of Art and I got a B+(the teacher is so mean) and I got an A- in gym so I got a 3.95 unweighted GPA.</p>