Do colleges look down on "easy" AP courses?

<p>I'm a sophomore now with a 4.0 deciding what classes to take next year. I have two open spots to fill and I want to take AP classes. If I were to take AP Statistics and AP Language and Composition, which are often called "easy" AP courses, would colleges look down on that? I'm planning on applying to competitive business schools so I don't see the need to take an AP science. But would colleges just think I'm taking the easy way out? Or does any AP look good? I'm setting my goals very high and shooting for Wharton but I'm not getting in over my head. Thank you</p>

<p>Any AP Course can be "easy" depending on the caliber of student you are or what you're leaning your major towards. Some may consider Stats easy while others will simply not understand it.</p>

<p>In general AP looks good. As long as you concentrate it to your good areas instead of just piling them on and getting a lower GPA.</p>

<p>Don't know how representative it is, but Boston U admissions person said "Take AP Physics instead of AP Environmental Science." Point being to take hard stuff.</p>

<p>"Boston U admissions person" could have said that for any number of reasons. I'm not sure why it matters at all; biology is the only one of their top programs that is science related. If you're interested in Environmental Science, you should probably take it.</p>

<p>To the OP: Take the courses if they interest you. But don't take them with the "This will be easy" mentality or it will hurt you badly, especially in Stats.</p>

<p>Depends on what else you are taking, OP. If you have the opportunity to take Calc, you should for biz. AP Stats is great to pair with precalc. AP Lang is great for Junior year. Take AP Eng Lit senior year.</p>