Do colleges see all scores?

<p>I got 1820 on the SAT's, and I'm taking the ACT's hoping to get 28+ to improve my chances, but If I don't, and do substantially worse, EG lets say I get a 22, do schools see it on your college board thing?</p>

<p>Colleges see only the SAT scores that you send; you use Score Choice to hide scores if you want to. Some colleges, however, do not want their applicants to use this.</p>

<p>Are ACT and SAT results reported seperately?</p>

<p>yes of course. They come from different testing companies. You may send either your ACT or your SAT or both.</p>

<p>When you take the ACT, you can specify "considering college" (code 1111, IIRC), and then your scores for that date will not be sent automatically to any school. Then any date's results you want sent to any school will be under your control (and also cost you.)</p>

<p>You send the scores you want to send via score choice, some colleges dont want students to use score choice, however it is impossible for them to know that you actually used score choice if you choose to do so. It's pretty much based on an honors system. lol</p>