Do colleges see PSAT scores?

My son only got a 760 on SAT Math but had gotten 800 on PSAT. Do colleges see the PSAT scores? He got an 800 on the Math level 2 SATII - does that make up for the 760 on SAT?

No, colleges do not see PSAT scores. They only know if you qualified for National Merit or not. “Only 760” is an inaccurate phrase considering your son’s scores are in the 98/99th percentile of all test-takers. His exemplary score in SAT Math 2 will more than show his amazing aptitude and achievement in math. I would advise you to have your son focus on other meaningful aspects of his resume such as EC’s, interviews, essays which are all important parts of the holistic admission employed by top colleges. His time would definitely be spent better that way. Also, congratulations to your son for achieving such amazing scores! (I got an 800 on SAT math so I know how small the difference between my score and a 760 is).

Thank you - I appreciated it. I thought his 760 was great also, he was the one who used “only 760”. Is it bad form to self-report PSAT score (235) on resume?

Considering how great that score is, the worst that could happen is for colleges to ignore it. But I personally think a 235 on the PSAT would only improve his application so go ahead and include it.