Do Colleges See SAT 1 If Only SAT 2s Are Submitted?

<p>question is in the thread title. I did poorly on my sat 1, so i switched to ACT. The ACT is what i want to submit, but my colleges require SAT2s also. So if I submit my SAT2s will colleges see my SAT 1 also...? Does that hurt my chances?</p>

<p>Yes. There is no way to separate one's SAT I scores from one's SAT 2 scores; if you send one, they will see the other. As to whether it hurts one's chances, applicants in this situation have no choice but to submit the SAT 2's if they're required and trust that the schools will consider only the scores the applicant formally submits, in your case the SAT 2's and the ACT. My suspicion is that the schools want to publish the highest possible scores for their admitted students and it is in their interest as well as yours to consider the higher scores.</p>