Do Counselor Recs Count as Teacher Recs?

<p>On the common app, my counselor is offline so her name doesnt show up in the dropdown menu for assigning recommendations to schools. </p>

<p>Does that mean I might go over the limit for schools that ONLY allow 1 rec letter (Rice, for example) if I choose my english teacher's rec letter under the drop down menu?</p>

<p>So basically, do they count counselor "secondary reports/recs" as part of the teacher recommendations, and thus part of the minimum required? I don't want to go over the maximum limit..</p>


<p>No, your counselor rec does not count as a teacher rec.</p>

<p>All Common App colleges accept the counselor evaluation that comes with the Secondary School Report. Most also require at least one or more Teacher Evaluations.</p>

<p>For Rice, they require both the counselor form (which includes your counselor rec) and a Teacher Evaluation from one of your academic subjects.</p>