Do EA schools look at first term grades?

Our first term just ended and grades will be out next week. According to our GC they will send the grades to all schools that we have requested transcripts for. They will arrive at the schools before Thanksgiving. Just curious if EA schools look at these grades or if they only look at the transcript that was submitted by the application deadline? My D has her most rigorous schedule this year and believes she should have all A’s for first term which will help with her upward trend . Looking at mid-level schools, not T50’s.

It likely depends on where the school is in the decision process and how the grades align with the previous transcript. Schools typically at least review at all of the data they have, so I’m sure it will at least be looked at.

With a typical decision notification date of mid-December, schools are probably well into the decision-making process. If already accepted/rejected, only a substantial variance from the transcript would mean much. For those in the small pile from which the final acceptances are made, it will be looked at as part of that “tie breaking” process.