Do excessive excused withdrawals look bad? (UCSC)

Hello all, I am a sophomore in college looking to transfer to UCSC next Fall. Due to the current circumstances, I have been having a difficult time with school and have accumulated 9 Excused Withdrawals, all in the past year. Other than that, last year I got 1 B, 1 A, and 2 passes. Prior to this, I completed 8 college classes in high school with mostly As, bringing me to a cumulative 3.7 GPA.

How might this affect my chances of getting into UCSC? Although my GPA is decent, none of it is recent. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

If they are excused withdrawals, then it should not be an issue but UCSC could ask for an explanation once you submit your application.
Make sure to check your student portal periodically, once you have it setup.