Do experts in our intended major read our Personal Statements?

<p>Do experts in our intended major read our Personal Statements? If I write a statement on Economics, will the person reading it understand everything I'm talking about?</p>

<p>except for a few majors, the department of your major does not participate in the application process, so it'd just be the admission staff reading your stuff</p>

<p>thanks, so would it inadvisable to go deep into our majors to the point where non-majors wouldn't know what im talking about?</p>

<p>they are looking for passion that's it.</p>

<p>Here's the breakdown (AFAIK) for the big 3 UCs:</p>

<p>UCLA - If you're applying to Letters & Science, then no - the person reading your essay is not from your department. If you're applying to one of the speciality schools (Engineering or Nursing), then yes, they will be from your department. If you're applying to the Arts/Architecture/etc... schools, then you need a portfolio and you'll have an interview and stuff.</p>

<p>Cal - Same as UCLA. Engineering/College of Chemistry/Natural Resources/Haas/Etc... = someone from the department will read your essay. Letters & Science = regular ole admissions officer.</p>

<p>UCSD - Doesn't matter which major you're applying to. The university admits you into one of the six colleges, and then you're in. If you're applying to an impacted major, someone from the department reviews your app and decides if you have what it takes to be a bio/bioengineering/whatever else is impacted major based on your pre-reqs and whatnot. If they say that you're in, then you're all good. Else, you're admitted as undeclared. I've heard that SD doesn't even read essays, though idk if that's true or not. TAG guarantees admission to the university, not to your major.</p>

<p>SB/Davis/Irvine/the rest : I have no idea!</p>

<p>For Econ, if you're applying to Haas - then yes, someone from the Econ dept will read your essay. You have a supplemental application you have to submit as well, afaik.</p>

<p>Oh okay, I was just thinking it could be awkward for a economic major to write about velocity of circulation and the guy has no idea what you're talking about lol. but i guess he'll get the drift.</p>

<p>Lol, just try to answer the prompt as best as you can while also providing some detail on what drew you to your major. But you gotta understand - your P.S. (prompt 1) should not only be about your major! It's not a dissertation. It should be about YOU, while describing how you became interested in your major. It's all about the 'me-time' when it comes to the UC essays.</p>