Do Financial Analysts travel, is traveling apart of the job?

<p>If not, then what career can I have with a finance and psychology degree that does intell traveling? Are there any careers that mix finance and psychology; because I will have double major.</p>

<p>Financial Analyst is a broad job title, too broad actually. Go for consulting, if you really want to travel.</p>

<p>Most Financial Analysts do not travel. With the right grades and network, you can do consulting and most consultants do heavy traveling.</p>

<p>Work travel is not glamorous. Its not what you think it is.</p>

<p>Consultants can work from anywhere to 8 hours a day to 10-12 hours a day. That plus travel is not fun and traveling to the same place for 6 months to 2 years does not make it anymore fun.</p>

<p>It is what I think. I travel extensively and I DO enjoy it! And that is even better if I get paid for it.</p>

<p>You do realize you would only travel to one place extensively maybe twice a week. Stay there between Monday - Friday.</p>

<p>work travel isn't that bad if you go into it with the right expectations</p>

<p>and it can be pretty nice...</p>