Do full-ride colleges still exist?

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<p>Though I've known about this forum and viewed it for a while, this is my first post. I'm curious as to whether there are still colleges in America that still give full ride scholarships nowadays, considering the depressed economy and all. The reason I ask is because, of course, I'd like to try and get a full ride somewhere. I am 20 years old, a fairly recent "drop out" from Uchicago (1 year ago), and am looking to enroll somewhere else that can give me (ideally) a full ride, though I'd certainly consider partial assistance. I put "drop out" in quotes because it's technically just a leave of absence, and I would be considered a transfer student if I did end up enrolling elsewhere. </p>

<p>I have a 2340 SAT, and a 4.0 high school GPA. My Uchicago GPA is 2.78 for the four quarters I was there. I'm willing to apply pretty much anywhere in the continental United States. I just thought I'd consult the grand reservoir of college knowledge here at college confidential before I embarked down this road. Thanks.</p>

<p>You would be considered a transfer student. I don't think there are any full rides for transfer students. I don't think there are any offered even by low level schools. </p>

<p>The full ride scholarships that are out there are for schools to get the best incoming frosh class. There's little incentive to give such big and costly scholarships to transfers. </p>

<p>Transfers don't often get much for merit or financial aid. Schools save these monies for incoming frosh.</p>

<p>you should try to go back to UChi.</p>

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<p>Pay a visit to Transfer</a> Students - College Confidential and start your reading with the sticky thread at the top titled "Transfer Admissions 101". Your UChicago GPA will hold you back as far as merit-based scholarships are concerned.</p>

<p>Please see the Resources sticky thread on the Transfer Students forum, it contains a link to a thread with merit scholarships listed.</p>