Do GSIs or professors make out your grades?


<p>Professors usually make out with them but GSI’s are always welcome to sloppy seconds.</p>

<p>:D nah, just messin’</p>

<p>from my experience, GSI’s are the people who submit the grade to the professor and the professor is the one who processes it. I doubt most professors touch their students grades (unless they have a big problem with the grade that the student is getting).</p>

<p>lol this reminded me an article i came across recently</p>

<p>[Berkeley</a> Class on Sexuality Suspended After Reports of Orgy - Los Angeles Times](<a href=“]Berkeley”>Berkeley Class on Sexuality Suspended After Reports of Orgy)</p>

<p>@Mech: Holy cow… the DeCal I taught was so tame…</p>

<p>coincidence that the news editor is named “Steve SEXton?”</p>

<p>what the heck lol what is thaaat (the article). haha it looks REAL to me!</p>

<p>although i don’t see the editors name on the page? where’d u find that</p>