Do high school grades still matter after graduation?

Hello! Not sure if I posted this in the correct category. I’m currently a senior and I’ve been a straight A student (with 1 B lol) throughout high school. However, as it’s second semester, I’ve been encountering senioritis - so if I don’t really start trying, I’ll likely get a couple B’s (hopefully not lower, definitely not a D though) this semester. I’m not sure whether to work on getting my grades up or focus on my extracurriculars.

Could this negatively affect me in college? For example, if I apply to certain clubs or internships, will they ask to see my high school transcript?

I have never heard of that, but I am not an expert. Maybe @juillet knows?

No. Maybe at some super obscure club or internship, but no.

No. I have never heard of HS grades being a factor for anything in college. The grading system in high schools throughout the country is not uniform so I don’t see how it could come into play for anything once you are at a college. If you write a resume for an internship I guess you could put your HS GPA if you feel it would help, but if you don’t nobody would ask for it.

Other than making sure that last semester doesn’t tank so much that it puts your college acceptance in jeopardy, I would think that your HS GPA is a thing of the past once you get your college career going. @happy1 makes a salient point: there is so much academic variability in high schools across the country (and world, and homeschooling) that it would be impossible for a college association/club or an employer to compare applicants based on their HS transcripts. I know colleges take into account as best they can the academic rigor at different schools, but even they need other data points (SAT’s, ACT’s, EC’s, etc.) to compare applicants.

My wife had medical schools request copies of her high school transcripts when she applied there 30-odd years ago.

Make sure none of your college aid is tied to a certain GPA. I think you need to stay with in an acceptable range. Schools want the final transcript to confirm that you actually graduated and don’t have to make up a class during the summer. Past that, it’s old news.