Do high school transcripts show semester grades?

<p>I know that high school transcripts can vary by school and by state, but in general does the transcript have just year grades for courses, or do they have quarter grades, semester grades, and year grades. I have gotten a copy of my transcript before and it only had year grades, but it was unofficial, just wondering.</p>

I know that high school transcripts can vary by school and by state


<p>There you go. Ask your counselor.</p>

<p>Mine have semester grades, since thats the shortest a class can be.</p>

<p>How long are your classes? When you sign up for classes, are there a lot at the quarter or semester level? If so, those might be the ones on the transcript.</p>

<p>What Gryffon said. My transcript only shows final grades; other schools break in into semesters.</p>

<p>yeah I looked at my transcript copy again, when a school official signs it, it becomes an official transcript. My school only does courses by semester and year. The only reason I asked is that I wanted to know if schools would be able to see that I have made straight A's for the last 3 years, for every quarter of every year in every class. I was hoping that my transcript would do that, I don't really want to put that as an award/accomplishment in the common app and then come off as arrogant or something.</p>

<p>^ No they will not see your quarter grades. But if your counselor is cool with it, they can write how you got all-A's for every quarter of every class you took on their recommendation.</p>