Do homeschoolers actually need to submit a reading list with their college application?

I working on putting together my daughter’s transcript and course description list, but HSLDA also recommends keeping a reading list of books my daughter has read. She just finished 9th grade, but the list would already be 5 pages single-spaced. Do any colleges actually require homeschoolers to submit a reading list or is it just something extra? (She’s headed into the sciences, tests well, and already has taken 2 college science courses. I’m not convinced colleges would need the extra information.)

We didn’t submit one. But we didn’t follow HSLDA either. We learned our state regs inside out, studied college websites to see what they expected from us, and went from there. I did write a school profile that included course descriptions. I put textbook information there, but not a reading list.

We are secular, so that org is a big nope for us, but no- two kids homeschooled to college and no school asked for a reading list. Honestly that’s not something I would have ever thought to make either. My kids were pretty voracious readers and procured their own books. It would have been a mess to keep up with.

When books were part of coursework, I included them in class descriptions. But other than that I didn’t include any kind of reading list.