Do hs seniors give Wallet size pictures to their teachers?

in the previous millennium when I was in hs we did hand out wallet size school pics to friends and teachers with notes on the back. esp in senior year.

with virtual school this year, dd has no idea whether anyone does this. she doesn’t think anyone does. somehow I think it would be a nice gesture.

anyone know?

I did this with my friends back over 40 years ago. My daughter’s classmates did not (HS class of 2012). I think this has gone out of favor.

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My kids graduated 2007-2015 - none gave out more than a couple to friends and def not to teachers (even though they had close relationships!)

No pics to teachers. We didn’t send pics to any family except the grandparents. Kids didn’t exchange pics like we did. Most have pics of their friends on their phones or social media. We didn’t even order wallet size pics.

ok thanks
glad I checked here.

Teachers at our school still get some from students and they still have notes written on the back. Not everyone does them, but I know several teachers who keep them and enjoy them. If there’s a special teacher - no harm, and they might like it.

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Our kids graduated 2005-16. Tradition in our area is to print a few dozen and have them out at the open house on what we call the “shrine” table. Friends and teachers who want one just take one. With COVID19, open houses were drive-by in 2020 so no need for many if any.

Not that I’ve heard of. Would definitely strike me as somewhat odd.


Never heard of this. Wonder if it’s regional, because I’m an oldster from North Carolina and don’t think anyone I knew ever did this.

I thought most people digitalize their pictures now.