Do I Apply?


So application season is rolling up, and I am a little stuck. I have already applied to some schools early, but was hoping to apply to UChiago ealy as well. The problem is, the deadline is like literally 10 days away. I also don’t know given my stats (I’ll put them below) if it is worth it to apply? I was hoping for RD to apply to a couple of other reach schools as well, but am concerned about spending the money if there is a next to nothing chance of being admitted. So I guess my question is, given my stats, do I take the chances to apply to:

  • Uchicago
  • Yale
    -Tulane (EA)
  • Brown (ED)
  • Case Western (EA)
  • Northeastern (EA)

In all honesty I do not expect to get into any of these schools given how low the odds are, but I’m willing to try if there is a slight chance (don’t worry, I have some safeties too:)

I’ll put my stats below (it feels weird to put this on the internet eek)

  • from RI (unrepresented area?)
  • white female from public school
  • will graduate with 8 AP classes
  • wants to study neuroscience w/ minor in comparative lit
  • 4.9 weighted gpa on 5.0 scale
  • 8/226
  • 1470 sat (a little below average for some of the schools above). Waiting on second score to possible superscore


  • varsity indoor and outdoor track
  • 10 years of soccer
  • part of school coalition group, where I attended convention in DC and spoke with state representative about issues in school
  • junior board member of town coalition group
  • buddying up club
  • peer 2 peer
  • YYGS
  • worked a 2 jobs the past few summers
  • freshman mentor
    -currently working towards EMT license
  • ran project my sophomore year to reopen school clothing closet to make clothes available to students in need
  • model in state style week
  • math team
  • secretary of NHS

Wow that was a lot of information so sorry about that. That is essentially my entire college application word-vomitted onto this page.
I appreciate any input, thank you!