Do I count as Hispanic?

Ok so my mom isn’t ethnically hispanic (she’s western asian) but she spent a large portion of her childhood/life in Cuba.

The census defines it as: “‘Hispanic or Latino’ refers to a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.”

So does that mean I can identify as it?

It isn’t asking what your mom identifies as, it’s asking what you identify as. Is Cuban culture an important part of your identity?

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That’s your mother’s cultural experience - not yours.

If you’ve spent your life in Cuba, you could mention (either in the interview or essay) that your mother imprinted Hispanic values or traditions in you.

Can I ask why you’d rather list yourself as Hispanic than Asian?

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You are born with your heritage.
You are going to try to identify with hispanic through your mother’s living in Cuba?

Did you identify yourself as Hispanic in your birth and school records?
Your HS records and your counselor will indicate if you are URM.

Identifying yourself as Hispanic, now, is not going to help your admissions chances. There are thousands of students, who are Hispanic-URM, and it wont make much of a difference in admissions.

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Short answer is no.


The question itself is an ethical red flag. If you have to ask random strangers whether you can call yourself Hispanic, I’m guessing you don’t see yourself as Hispanic but want the hook.