do I do an interview for EA after I submit an application?

<p>I'm working on my essay now, and it's the only thing that needs to be done for harvard EA....
but when do I do an Interview for EA??
does harvard contact me for the interview after I submit my application??
also for sending score....i set harvard as a school to receive my scores when I registered for SATI for october... since the scores came out will CB send it??
i will take writing in november also..for this score I have to rush it right??</p>

<p>omg I need this question answered to. i would be very grateful.</p>

<p>A few weeks after you apply you will be contacted by your interviewer. CB will send your SAT scores, and there is no need to rush your Nov scores according to the Harvard book that came with the application. Also it says you can send in your application and then send your essay later (I think it has to get there by Nov.1)</p>

<p>what do you mean by you can send your essay later??
do you mean by essay for the common application?? or the optional essay??</p>