Do I even have a chance? ED or RD? And should I retake my ACT?

<p>Hi, I'm applying to the school of Agriculture and Life Sciences.</p>

<p>ACT: 30 on first try ): and 31 on second
GPA: 4.0?
I have a 97 out of 100 unweighted.
Weighted: 106
Rank: my school doesn't rank anymore
AP: World history (3- should I send it?), US History (4), Lang (4), Biology (4)
Senior Year: 5 APs: Spanish, Environmental, Calculus AB, Literature, and Government
Awards: National AP Scholar with Honor and highest AMC score in school</p>

-Red Cross (4 years): president and secretary
-Environmental Club (4 years): secretary
-NEHS (3 years): treasurer
-Played violin for 8 years
-Chamber Orchestra (4 years)
-NHS (4 years)
-Sci Honor Society (4 years)
-Key Club (4 years)
-Mathletes (4 years)
-History Honor Society (new club - 2 years)</p>

<p>Recommendations: getting one from my math teacher and current AP sci teacher (had him for freshman and senior year)
Essays: I think my commonapp is pretty good; still working on supplement
Ethnicity: Chinese..
Hooks: My dad went to Cornell.
So did my aunt and 3 cousins but I doubt they'd care. **Should I include this somewhere? Or nah..</p>

<p>I feel like my only strength is my GPA...everything else is mediocre.
Do I have a shot? And should I apply ED? I don't know if that'll make a big difference on my legacy hook /:</p>

<p>Obviously you have a chance. You’re a legacy.</p>

<p>I would apply ED.</p>

<p>@artisticnative‌ Eh, being asian kinda counteracts that lol. Thanks tho! :)</p>

<p>@airspirit‌ Haha just don’t fill out your heritage on the CA ;)</p>

<p>@artisticnative‌ with my last name…yeah it won’t work haha</p>

<p>Just a couple answers to questions you posed: There is no place on the application to list where your aunts or cousins attended, so forget about that (although I actually worked some of my various legacy statuses into my supplement essay). As far as sending AP scores, you don’t have to actually send any of them until you get accepted and choose to attend. The scores are used more for placement into certain classes and credit.</p>

<p>@Ranza123‌ Ah, that’s a good tip! Thanks! :)</p>


<p>At Cornell, legacy helps ONLY in the ED round. </p>

<p>bump…wow slow day lol</p>

<p>I think if you apply ED you’ll have a fairly good shot at getting… It’s hard to know with the whole affirmative action thing</p>