Do I even have a chance for Duke?

<p>Hi, I'm new to this site and wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not it'd be worth it to try for Duke.
Right now, I have a 3.2 GPA, which I realize isn't that impressive, but that is unweighted. I go to a selective high school in which all the classes are considered honors. So once that is considered, I think my GPA will be higher. I'm taking higher level math courses, but not the highest available at my school. My best SAT score is currently a 1990, but I am taking it again with prep this time, so it will be higher most likely. 620 in writing, 620 in math, and 750 in critical reading. Extracurriculars are soccer, key club, volunteering at an animal shelter, singing, and guitar. Also, I'm not sure how it important it is, but I'm half Jewish and half Asian, so maybe that will make me stand out a little more.
I still have to take the SAT subject tests, so I'm trying to figure out if I should go through the trouble. Also, if you could tell me other schools that would be a good reach for me, that'd be great! I want to major in environmental engineering.</p>