Do I Even Have a Chance

<p>Next year I will be going into the full-ib program. I am going to take IB Pre-Calc, IB Business and Management (the school I go to is one of the best in the nation), IB French, IB English, IB Social Studies, and IB Bio. Also next year I will be signing up for crew, I would have signed up this year but I had knee problems. Last summer I got put in the boat with "experienced" rowers and then in a single within 2 weeks of rowing. </p>

<p>Right now I have a 3.72 gpa because of Pre-IB chem and Pre-IB English. Also, I am in two clubs.</p>

<p>Anyways, do I have a chance of getting into Harvard and will I need to get straight A's my junior year in order to even have a chance? </p>

<p>Thanks in advance ...</p>

<p>Getting into any school is not just about getting terrific grades or completing the IB program. Do everything you love to do and stay involved, that way when you apply you won't have any regrets :)</p>