Do I even have a chance?

<p>Please help me fulfill my dream of going to Stanford?
Hello everyone,</p>

<p>First of all I would like to thank you in advance for coming to my thread and taking time to read and provide advice. This is beyond helpful and I am very grateful for this community.</p>

<p>In short, I am a rising high school senior, beginning to look into colleges. I am interested in majoring in most definitely sciences. Most likely biology, chemistry, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, psychology, or the like. As of now, like many other young inexperienced people, I see medical school in my future, so I would like to keep that in mind during my college search. However, it is also very important for me to go to an university with a wide variety of colleges, just in case I discover my passion for another subject. However, I am focusing on sciences because I am almost 100% sure that I will NOT major in literature, history, agriculture, etc etc.</p>

<p>STANFORD: I am a NorCal girl at heart. Growing up a mere 20 miles away from Stanford, it had always seemed to be a given that that was the school I would later attend. Unfortunately, I later moved all the way to the East Coast... and quite frankly my Cali girl spirit has never meshed in here. Going to Stanford would be my one chance to return to California, back to my true home. Of course, killer academics and prestige, as well as fulfilling a childhood dream would be my main reasons to choose Stanford. I realize that at my present position, Stanford is quite a reach for me. I just really can't portray my longing to be accepted, it would mean the world to me.</p>


<p>My Stats:</p>

<p>GPA Weighted: 3.94
GPA Unweighted: 3.63</p>

<p>SAT I (Super Score)- 2020
780 Math
640 Reading
600 Writing
8 Essay</p>

<p>ACT- 33
32 Writing
33 Math
33 Reading
34 Science
7 Essay</p>

<p>SAT II-
740 Math 2
740 Biology E
750 Chinese</p>

<p>Course Schedule-</p>

<p>Middle School
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Honors Spanish I</p>

Honors Algebra II
Honors Biology
Honors Language Arts
Honors Spanish II
American Gov/Health

Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Chemistry
Honors Language Arts
Honors Spanish III
AP World History (5)

AP Calculus AB (first semester had a 79 unweighted and 86 weighted, worried about this)
AP Biology
AP Lang
On-level Physics
On-level US History

AP Stat
AP Chemistry
AP Lit
AP Micro/Macro


<p>Club (# of years in by graduation)</p>

<p>Student Council Representative (4)
Beta Club (4)
Marching Band (received varsity letter) (4)
Tutors in Action (2)
Winterguard (1)
Science Olympiad (1)
Pep Band (1)
Medical Society (1)</p>

<p>-regular volunteer at local library
-peer education at a local AIDs center
-part time job as of summer 2011</p>

<p>Ditch the SAT scores, and send in ACT. Your extra-curricular activities look good. Your GPA is low, so when you apply write in a paragraph explaining low GPA. Its kinda hard to predict your chances at Stanford but seem like a decent canidate for Stanford EA. A couple of tips is visit the campus, FOCUS ON YOUR ESSAY, and think about your interview. When you have your interview dont sound too nervous, mention how much you love to be back in California,etc.. GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>Should I still send in my SAT IIs? And yes! Def the ACT. I realize that Stanford is an EXTREME reach for me. My ECs aren't spectacular. But I truly believe that I have the heart and potential to become a successful Stanford student. I really hope that I will be given the chance to atleast be given an interview.

<p>Yah I think your SAT II scores are worth sending in. You obviously REALLY love Stanford, which will boost yor chances. Another thing you can do is send in a CD of you playing your instrument, it will help you stand out. GOOD LUCK! :D</p>

<p>Well yea you have to send your SAT IIs
If Science Olympiad is national / international, you have a very good chance</p>

<p>Your sat IIs are good enough for Stanford, but your GPA, well it's rough. Like the previous poster, explain you GPA. Also, try retaking the ACT to see if you can up those scores at all. Also, check the Stanford site as their might be a deadline for early applicants who want to interview ( I know for duke it is october 15). Best of luck at Stanford (future class of 2016 member ;) )</p>

<p>The GPA is tough, but you have great ACT scores. I know lots of schools say this, but essays are EXTREMELY critical in the admissions process at Stanford. When I spoke to the one of the admissions officers at Montag Hall, she told me that often times they will "overlook" your academic history a little bit if your essays truly give insight into your unique intellectual personality. I hope this helps! Good luck!</p>

<p>Haha we have the same story! I used to live in Norcal in the bay area (Fremont to be exact) and I fell in love with Stanford when I went to see my cousin's graduation. But then we moved to the East Coast.....and I want to go back SOOOO BADLY!!! </p>

<p>But everyone tells me Stanford is a crapshoot for east coast students and I might as well just aim for the Ivies</p>

<p>I think it depends on where on the east coast. Northeast is definitely much tougher competition than southeast, in my opinion.</p>