Do I even have a SHOT at bs/md??

<p>My stats in a nutshell are:
SAT II's-all 700 or above

<p>Most important EC-500hours volunteer at hospital, of which 30 are in the ER
volunteer at annual science expo...</p>

<p>do i have a shot at ANY of the bs/md programs???</p>

<p>drexel university
temple university
virginia commonwealth university
university of cincinatti
university of connecticut
university of miami
stony brook university</p>

<p>also, can you apply to the bs/md program (GPPA) in UIC out of state? if so, chances on that too please</p>

<p>i saw that in pre-med topics........but since i didn't answer your question... i think for the programs that you've listed, the most competitive is miami, but i'm not too informed about that one....i'm applying to vcu, drexel, and temple as well, and from what i've learned about those progs:</p>

<p>sat-wise, you should be low are your 700s on the sat iis?
volunteer-wise, you're pretty impressive (i only have 350 hours myself in the hospital, lol)
gpa-wise, you look good (unweighted?)</p>

<p>what other ec's do you have??? any research? (i don't have this--i'm asking so i can get a general idea of what ba/md applicants have research-wise)</p>

<p>we should chat on aim, it would be a lot easier. lol. </p>


<p>i dont really have any other significant ECs, just tyhe ones that everyone has...
Key club, spanish club, honor society, executive renaissance society, i did some volunteer at the Cancer Awareness day..</p>

<p>No bumps in this area please.</p>

<p>.....u are a senior right??? haha, it really doesn't make a difference what other people care to think about your stats at this point......unless it's for moral support (haha....that's my case). are those schools all the colleges ur applying to i.e. just programs???</p>

<p>just programs.</p>

<p>You will come close,but No Cigar! I don't think that you will have a shot.</p>

<p>well dang..o well i guesss i will be wasting my $$....btw, would it make any difference that i worked in the ER for 112.25 hours, not 30? this is part of my 500..</p>

<p>Hmm random question :)
is it better to work in ER or something for volunteering??</p>

<p>i dont know....good question.</p>

<p>Why does taxguy think you don't have a shot?</p>

<p>Just curious, b/c those stats look fine to me.</p>

<p>lol. i hope so..this is my dream to make it into the bs/md 2 cousins are in it, and i wanna join the family tradition. :-) I really really want to make it! I am trying as many as i can, so hopefully i will get into 1.</p>

<p>Your stats seem fine for Drexel and Temple, as I've heard/researched. Anyone else's opinion (if I'm wrong) ?</p>

<p>How competitive is the Scholars Program at Drexel? I was just accepted to Muhlenberg College for ED and I submitted a letter of intent for consideration to the Scholars Program, but I am assuming I won't recieve word on that for a few months. Does anyone have any idea how what kind of interview would be conducted for BS/MD type programs? I'm assuming it isn't the same type of interview given to college seniors.</p>

<p>i think its very competitive, but of course, all bs-ba/md programs are pretty much the most competitive programs in the nation.....</p>

<p>im sending in my drexel app tomorrow! wish me luck!</p>

<p>Good Luck to you!</p>

<p>lol. i get to do VCU.....and University of Conn...</p>