Do i even have a small chance?

<p>i have a huge grade improvement trend, but im left with a 4.05 UC GPA. (3.5 soph and 3.92 junior uw)
As an Asian with high standardized test scores, do I even have a chance at cal? A 4.05 seems much lower than the 4.16 avg…
i really like cal…</p>

<p>GPA isnt everything. Post your other stats.</p>

<p>do you partipate in on-campus clubs (officer?), and volunteer in the community?</p>

<p>more and more students have a's in high school, so they are looking for more than how high the gpa is.</p>

<p>well im asian
- varsity swimmer
- anticipated president of interact club
- captain of acadmic decathlon team (we ranked for the first time in a -decade when i was captain)
- assume i will hit 2250 on the new SATs
- 300+ hours of community service.. plus more this summer</p>

<p>i thought that cal was so "numbers driven" that these things were just trite and irrelevant...</p>

<p>you thought wrong then</p>

<p>i thought the average GPA was 4.24. that's what it says on the berkeley website.</p>

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<p>Oh, nvm, i guess its 4.16 counting 9th grade.</p>

<p>you're a shoe-in</p>

<p>what?! really? how so..
and i'm a first-gen in my family to go to college...
i was thinking about political science... but first i have to get in ;)</p>

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<p>According to this, you're pretty much in with all those APs/honors. Calculus BC as a junior is impressive.</p>

<p>yeah i hope so... i attempted to make-up for my horrible GPA through courseload rigor. along the way, i found CC and posted many "chances" threads to hopefully boost my confidence. but my freshman and sophomore year gpas literally haunt me.</p>

<p>my friend had almost the same stats as you. rigorous course load. his junior year course load was all APs and he got straight Bs. He also had community college courses. SAT was 1380, SAT IIs were 750+. He got in at Berkeley EECS and Johns Hopkins engineering.</p>

<p>I think you're in, really.</p>

<p>GPA is one thing, but the admissions office looks at more than that. they look at your GPA relative to your courseload too.</p>

now that is inspiring!</p>