Do I go to drexel?

I got into drexel’s biomed engineering program but plan on switching possibly to chemical engineering ( with a concentration in bio). It would cost about 35,000 a year and I want to also do the accelerated masters with the five year program. I also got into rowan’s engineering program but it cost around 20,000 a year. It doesn’t have the co-op or accelerated masters, but I did like the research program they had. For rowan, I would go to grad school after. Would it be worth it in the long run if I want to do research?

Congrats on both acceptances. Other things being equal like assuming both schools are a fit for you (they are different in that Drexel is in a city) and that you can afford the extra tuition now I would recommend Drexel primarily because it is a much better funded engineering research institution with many more research faculty. That being said I am sure if you pick Rowan and you perform well you can do well too in your career.