Do I got a shot?

<p>2150 SAT, 710, 700, 630 SAT2, 4.1w gpa, bout 3.7uw, estimated class rank bout 20%, white male from va, applyen bio at CALS, great essays, great recs, congressional intern for speaker of house, rowed on school team since frosh year, started and am president of school SCUBA club, competitive private school in dc, 200hrs of community service in various endeavors. Got that generic national hnr roll, NHS, stuff as well. Any thoughts would be great, lemme know if there is anythin else that would help u size up my chances better. thanks</p>

<p>Of course you have a shot. What makes you think you might not?</p>

<p>i thought that bein from va might hurt me somewhat</p>

<p>lol people from the cornell threads are generally really nice about chances threads.
if he posted this in brown or columbia or yale or princeton, he would be slapped with a couple thousand LOLs, but what do they know, they dont work admissions</p>

<p>Yalies and Princetonians can be pretentious I suppose. All the elitism.</p>

<p>Why not apply? It's probably a reach, but go for it. The Ivies are reaches for most.</p>

<p>And your school has a scuba club? That's sweet! I wanna play.</p>