Do I have a chance? Advice Welcomed!

<p>Okay so I'm a junior this year but my Dad is taking me to visit schools next weekend. I'm skeptical about visiting NU because at this point I'm not sure I have the depth their looking for to get in...
If anyone could give me any advice at all to help better my application this last semester?</p>

<p>***OH and I'm in IB, does this make any difference?</p>

<p>SAT: 710 M/ 690 CR/ 650 W
2050 total
I have yet to take the ACT or SAT II's, is it really important that I do?
GPA: 3.78 Unweighted, somewhere around 4.4 weighted
Rank: 60/650</p>

<p>I took AP World last year (Failed the exam-2) and AP studio this year, however the rest of my classes are IB which i've been told are counted as the same. My schedule this year:
Newspaper- A
IB Eng- A
IB Math Studies- A
AP Studio/IB Studio- A
IB Spanish 4- A
IB Economics - B
IB Chemistry- A </p>

<p>-VP Habitat for Humanity (A friend of mine and I actually just started this club this semester, but are hoping to do great things with it)
-National Honor Society
-Varsity Swimming my Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior Year (I quit for a year to pursue other things, 10 practices a week was getting to be too much, but I'll swim high school for my senior year)
-Volunteered at an Aquarium all sophomore year
-I've worked at Outback for a year and a half
-National Art Honor Society
-Double Truck Editor of School Newspaper- appointed for junior and senior year
-Internship with a local newspaper called the Pelican press, all i do is take photos involving students though, started december 2010</p>

<p>An IB requirement is to have 250 total creative, service, and action hours (this include community service, sports, workshops etc.) So although Ill have a lot of community service, its not necessarily in-depth. </p>

<p>What can i do in this short period of time to make this better?
I want to go into Communications/Marketing/Advertising in college!</p>


<p>It is necessary to take SAT subject tests to go along with your SAT score, probably 2 or 3. I recommend continuing to get solid grades and taking the SAT one more time. The IB hours are a joke, you can get them for basically anything and NU admits a lot of IB kids so that wont make you stand out, it just shows you have a rigorous course load (which is good). I’d say you have a shot and to check it out, but its not a great chance. Also some advice, when you talk about the club say co-founder and talking about the newspaper talk up your position and make it seem important, even if its not.
I think you can get in if you work hard and essays/recs are strong. For now try to get all A’s, retake the SAT or try the ACT and take 3 subject tests.
Good luck!</p>