Do I have a chance? - also, need ideas for schools...

<p>Hey guys! I'm a junior that's trying to narrow down a possible list of colleges for next year. Any help will be much appreciated :)</p>

<p>What I want to major in: Psychology, Russian/Arabic Language</p>

American University
University of Pittsburgh
Tulane University
Mercyhurst College
Purdue University
Dickinson College
University of Chicago
..any other suggestions? thanks</p>

Weighed GPA: 4.1 (Junior year)
Estimated GPA to date: 3.87 - 3.9 (W)</p>

<p>SATs (taken for 1st time w/o studying): 1990
Math - 690...Writing - 680...Reading - 620
*I'm going to retake this to raise it.</p>

<p>College Courses: Intro to Anthropology (this spring)</p>

<p>APs: APUSH, *Euro, Eng Lang., *Eng Lit., *Bio
*Senior year (can only take APs starting junior year at my school)
Honors: English (10), Spanish (12) -- my school only offers four/five</p>

<p>I know I'm definitely in the top 20% of my class, and not too far from the top of about 250 students</p>

~Science Club (9-->)
~Spanish Club (9-->)
~Book/Teen Club (6 --> )
~Teen Advisory Board of Library (9 --> )
~Newspaper (10-->) (Politics Editor (11)..Going for editor 12th grade, too
~SHS member (since 10th...running for pos. senior year)
~NHS (11 -->)</p>

<p>~Volunteer Hours: 200+ (9th through 11th grades)</p>

<p>~In district's Gifted Education program (IQ testing, etc, to get in)
~nominated by my GC to the Congressional Page program (ended up not doing it, though.)
~chosen by school district to represent it at Downtown Vibrancy Project (well known here)
~attended Health Career Academy two summers ago
~attended a very good (local) university's Law and Forensics Science HS program (Summer 2010)
~International Affairs Apprenticeship (2010-11)
~Jan. 2011's Rotary Student of the Month--they pick one girl and guy per month to represent the honor :)</p>

<p>Lots of work experience in restaurants/serving food..including a current part time job hostessing</p>

~Newspaper editor: 11th (hopefully 12th, too)
~running for officer positions in Spanish club and Senior panel for Science club in 12th grade</p>

<p>Sorry it's long, wasn't sure what to say lol. Thanks!</p>

<p>Excellent chances at American, Pitt, Mercyhurst and Purdue. Maybe for Dickinson. Reach for Tulane and Chicago. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Match: American
Match: Pitt
Match: Mercyhurt
Match: Purdue
High Match/Low Reach: Dickinson
Reach: Tulane
Reach: U Chicago</p>

<p>Chance me?
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<p>Isi --</p>

<p>You're a match at Pitt, Mercyhurst, American, Purdue, and Tulane
(Tulane's harder to get into but you have stats that measure up with admittees.)</p>

<p>You're a match/reach for Dickinson.</p>

<p>And, as is the case with the majority of applicants, UChicago is a reach..</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies so far...any ideas for more colleges?</p>

<p>bump :)</p>


<p>take the act as well. You are smart to start this now.</p>

<p>thanks....what about University of Maryland - College Park? any chance?</p>


<p>Yeah, you could get into UMD. Reaches on your list are UChi and Tulane, maybe Dickinson as a low reach. Everything else, you should have a good shot at.</p>

<p>Good psych schools (just throwing some out there from Fiske and Princeton Review's guides): Ithaca, Brandeis, Loyola New Orleans, UMBC (as a possible alternative to College Park), Oglethorpe, Smith.</p>

<p>As for Russian/Arabic, I'm not very sure. Good luck in your search, though, and please chance me back! :D</p>

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<p>If you are at all serious about Tulane, apply Early Action as early as you possibly can - the first part of September would be good. From the experience of my sons who applied for Fall 2011 admission, Tulane grants admission on a rolling basis, and there is evidence to suggest that standards for admission and/or merit aid get more demanding as the year goes on.</p>

<p>P.S. I also got nominated to attend the National Leadership Forum on National Security next only problem is I'm not sure if I can go because of the cost :(</p>

<p>Do nominations count for anything if you can't attend the program? (Probably not, huh? :) )</p>

<p>Oh, and one more school: Is there even the <em>slightest</em> chance I could get into Georgetown??</p>

<p>(Thanks to all replies :) )</p>

<p>It's good that you're retaking your SAT's; your GPA is very strong - for UChicago, a very well-written essay can overshadow some shabby scores. If you get 700+ on your SAT's, and write a great essay, your early action chances will be decent! good luck!</p>

<p>And yes - you can include nominations on an attached resume on the CommonApp. My friend was also nominated two years ago, and attended the conference, he got waitlisted at Chicago - just saying. </p>

<p>As I mentioned above, if your scores get to that 700+ range, you'll be in range for Georgetown. If they reject you, it won't be because of your scores.</p>

<p>So does that mean you think that if I get 700+ on the SATs, I'll have a good shot at Georgetown? (well, as good as most? lol)</p>

<p>Also, I've heard that if you hit on the Jesuit aspect in your essays and whatnot, that that makes you more appealing to GU? Just wondering if this has any merit? lol</p>