Do I have a chance at admission to Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, etc?

<p>Hi All,</p>

<p>I was wondering if I had a chance at getting into schools like Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, etc. if the rest of my high school years are similar to my previous. I'm a sophomore so I want to know if I should change anything while I still have time before applying. I am at the top of my class, but my school does not tell us class ranks. Thanks!</p>

<p>Freshman Year:</p>

<p>4.43 GPA (all highest level classes)
JV Soccer
Varsity Swimming (League Champions)
JV Sailing
Trombone player 2nd best of schools 3 bands, we competed at a Festival in Washington DC and earned a Gold medal
Trombone player in Jazz Band, Pep Band, Brass Ensemble, and Pit Orchestra (for the musical Pippin)
Auditioned and Selected for Jr. Districts Band (Trombone)
Completed Eagle Scout Project (Book Drive for New England Center for Homeless Veterans) and became Eagle Scout at age 14
Member of the Student Council and Class Representative on the Principal's Advisory Committee
Hosted Chilean Foreign Exchange Student
4 Summa Awards for Excellence in several subjects
Music Department Award for Most Improved
Volunteered at local maritime school over summer, taught inner-city children how to sail (200 hours)
Worked as Referee in Fall and Spring
Sophomore Year:</p>

<p>All highest level classes, currently have 4 A+'s and 3 A's
JV Soccer
Varsity Swimming
(Will be member of JV or maybe Varsity Sailing Team in the spring)
Auditioned and Selected for school's best band (Trombone), playing high level college music (such as works composed by Grainger, Handel, Holst, etc.)
Trombone player in Jazz Band (1st Chair), Pep Band, Brass Ensemble, and Pit Orchestra (for the musical The King and I)
Teach Trombone to 3 sixth grade students
204 on the PSAT (with no preparation)
Member of Academic Decathalon team and participate in Best Buddies
Member of the Student Council and Class Representative on the Principal's Advisory Committee
Still active in Boy Scouts
Worked as Referee in Fall, will continue in Spring
Joined Appalachia Service Project group at church, going to travel to somewhere in the Appalachian region next summer to repair houses</p>

<p>If it matters, I am a guy, I live in Massachusetts and I am not any sort of minority.</p>

<p>I really want to attend a school like Harvard or Georgetown in 2 years, so I appreciate any feedback. Do you think I have a chance? Please post your opinions, comments and thoughts! Thanks!</p>

<p>It is very difficult to evaluate without any test scores. Your extracurriculars are plump, but I don't see much distinctive leadership. What is your unweighted GPA? </p>

<p>Georgetown is the easiest to get into of the three, but they want you to take 3 Subject Tests, so the earlier you get ready for them (and the ACT/SAT), the better off you will be. You want to aim for at least a 31 ACT for Georgetown (to be competitive) and even higher for Harvard and Yale. Generally, and again, to be competitive, subject tests for Georgetown should add up to at least 2100 and generally 750+ on each Harvard/Yale one. </p>

<p>Georgetown's EA acceptance rate this year was 15%. I don't know what their overall rate will be, but it appears that it will be lower than usual, which is around 20%. Harvard and Yale are both less than 10%. </p>

<p>You have to remember that these schools want high class rank, test scores, leadership roles, focused extracurriculars, and indication that you will be successful in the future.</p>

<p>Come back and we will tell you when you are older.</p>