Do I have a chance at any of the colleges I like? If so, which ones?

Also, Miami isn’t my first choice. The College of Wooster is. I’m afraid that I don’t have a good chance to get in. What do you think?

Check the admitted student profile for Wooster and the other colleges that interest you. That will help you figure out if they are in range for you.


Cincinnati actually has one of the top Classics departments in the country. You’re not a slam-dunk for admission there but not out of the running either. You might want to read the faculty profiles and get in touch with a professor or two whose research particularly interests you. They may advocate for you if they see you as a potential contributor.

Did you finish all of the questions on the SAT, or did you run out of time? If it’s the latter, perhaps discuss with your health team whether you might qualify for extra-time accommodations.

Mizzou is another less-competitive school with a strong Classics department. Your stats are below their averages but they admit 78% of applicants and you’ve got a pretty good chance of not being in the bottom 22%. The OOS cost isn’t cheap at $43K (I’m guessing from your list that you’re an Ohio resident and thus Cincinnati would be much cheaper?) but it’s cheaper than Pitt OOS would be. (And I don’t know what your out-of-pocket would be for the private colleges, depending on your financial aid eligibility and how much of your demonstrated need they would meet if you did qualify for need-based aid.)

Dont read anything into being contacted by a school. It’s marketing. Look up their common data sets and see where your GPA and scores align with their admitted class.

I live in West Virginia. If there are any colleges you’d recommend in Ohio or Pennsylvania that aren’t on my list, then that’d be helpful.

What I got confused was that I didn’t leet their requirements. Why would they contact me? They seemed nice, but it probably is just for marketing.

Colleges do that all the time. They do marketing to large mailing lists. If more underqualified students apply, it only lowers their admit rate, which helps their rankings. If the info is useful to you, great, but don’t take it as meaningful that they contacted you.

Your stats are fine for Marshall, and they have a Classics department:

Duquesne U. in PA could work if you can raise your SAT score a bit:

Okay, thank you!

Also, although you haven’t really said whether cost is an issue for you, there is one classics program available with tuition reciprocity for WV residents, thought the Academic Common Market exchange. UTenn Knoxville wouldn’t be out of the question with your stats.

Thank you!

@Desperate-Potato , I noticed that U of Wisconsin’s online, self-paced courses include both and intro Classical Mythology class and several levels of Latin. This might be a way for you to delve into your interests more, for transferable college credit. (Look under Foreign Language) If you started a class now and finished it with a good grade before your applications are due, that could help to show that you can handle college-level work.

Have you looked at Kalamazoo College at all?
It has a similar stat profile to College of Wooster, but it’s test-optional and has a higher acceptance rate.