Do I have a chance at any of the colleges I like? If so, which ones?

I plan on to study Classics, Ancient History, or Classical Civilizations.

My SAT scores weren’t very high. Though there are other factors as to why. Stress from my personal life. My score was only a 980. I know that it’s bad. My math score was 460, my reading and writing score was 520, my reading score was 27, my writing and language score was 25, my other math score was 23, my science score was 27, and my history score was 24.

Though my GPA isn’t that high, I’m considered a bright student by my teachers, school counselor, family, and my therapist. My GPA is 3.3. I’ve had medical issues stop me from being in class, so that’s part of the reason that it’s not higher.

I’m Microsoft Office specialized, EverFi specialized, and a completer in business where my grades were at least a B. I’ve taken two years worth of French. I’ve also made honor roll and I have had a 4.0 GPA in the past.

Here are the colleges I like:
College of Wooster
Denison University
Miami University- Oxford (Messaged me information)
Swarthmore College (I read that they take several factors that may work in my favor.
Lehigh University (Messaged me information twice)
Bryn Mawr College
University of Cincinnati (Messaged me information)
Ohio Wesleyan University
Kenyon College
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh (Messaged me information)
Bowling Green State University

Dickinson College and The Ohio State University have also messaged me.

Honestly, do I have a shot at any of them?

I think you definitely have a shot at a lot of these schools.
Swarthmore, Penn, Kenyon are high reaches and you probably wouldn’t have a good shot

Wooster, Denison, Miami, bryn mawr, pittsburgh
Reaches and maybe worth applying to one or two you like

ohio wesleyan, cincinnati, bowling green state
are high matches I think you’d have a good chance at these colleges

Most of these colleges accept people based off more than just GPA and academics, what EC’s, awards, and other interesting things do you have?

I have the Microsoft Office certification and the Everfi Certification. I have stuff from grade and middle school, but I’m not sure if they’ll want thatm

If you didn’t do any clubs, or EC’s like sports or an instrument, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance at swarthmore penn or kenyon but it’s possible you can get into any of the others! Just write great essays, get great recs, and try doing some EC’s.

The two I really like are Wooster and Miami University to be honest. I’m a little nervous that I don’t have a shot.

I also got a message from a representative at Miami University in Oxford. They said that they are my admission representative there and that they want to help me picture myself there. Is that good?

In my opinion, based on your numbers Swarthmore, UPenn, & Lehigh are very unlikely to offer you admission unless I am missing some key information.

What about the others?

You should be admitted to several of the remaining schools.

How likely am I for the College of Wooster or Miami University in Oxford?

Also, I got a message from someone at Miami University in Oxford. They said that they are my admission representative, and they said something at the end about me picturing myself there. Is that good?

You need to ask that representative.

I think that it is designed to get you to apply, but many want to study business at Miami of Ohio & if you do, I think that your numbers are a bit low.

I want to go for Classics at Miami University and Classical Studies at the College of Wooster. I don’t know if that’ll help my chances.

Classics tends to be a dying major. In the not too distant past it was a way to increase chances of admission to a very prestigious top ranked university. After all, the profs needed someone to teach. Do you study Latin & Greek ?

I never had the chance to, but when I was in my ancient history class, I excelled. I’ve excelled in every class I’ve been in, if that helps. Some stuff happened that caused my GPA to drop, but when I’m class, I’m usually the smartest student there. Does that help?

Do not read much into the note from the Miami rep. Miami is a reach. Your GPA and test scores are below their mid 25-75% ranges. What was your ACT composite score?

Check to see if Greek & Latin are required for classics majors at your targeted schools.

I never took it. Do I need to? I thought you needed one or the other. Also, what colleges do you think I have a chance in?


I would consider taking the ACT (be sure you practice!) to see if that’s a better test for you. I’m not saying don’t apply to Miami, I’m just saying it’s a reach. For each of the schools you are interested in, google “X school admitted student profile” and see where you fit in. Also, if you missed school for medical reasons, you may want to have your guidance counselor state that in his or her recommendation.

With my information, which schools on my list do you think I have a good shot to be accepted in?