Do I have a chance at Cornell?

<p>I am a junior. I have about a 3.7 and I will be able to raise my gpa to about 3.75 hopefully or higher. I just took the old sat because i am bad at english and think i got a 770M and 620V. I took Bio 690. I will take Math IIC and English. I will most likely also take the new sat. I have very very strong ecs. I am and editor for 2 years on newspaper, I am the webmaster of towns soccer club, I am a board member for the soccer club, i am working at the ambulence corps., I am also working at a fine art store. But I will be trying to highlight my love for science and math. I stopped taking honors spanish and i am taking ap stats. I once failed a spanish final in 9th grade but maintained a b as a final grade. I am taking a science research course. I do my own authentic science research project. I have done this since sophomore year and will continue through senior year. I am hoping to highlight this aspect. I also am thinking of applying to human ecology school at cornell and maybe even engineering. Next year i will be taking ab calc, ap bio, maybe ap physics but reg eng maybe honors (very small chance) and reg hist. I am very determined to do whatever it takes to get into cornell caliber schools. I am also interested in colgate. What do I need to do to get into those schools? I will most likely take the sat again (at least once) i will continue my extracurriculars and might add more. I am determined to raise my gpa and hope for staight a's this year... it is definetly possible. I also MIGHT know someone of influence in cornell. I am not sure whether or not he has any influence on the application process. Thank you very much for your time.</p>

<p>I forgot... I am also a coach of a travel soccer team. I am also planning to push on the science research as much as I can. That is a very valuable piece of me. I also will be having my biology teacher (got an a+ in that class) who is also my science research teacher write me a recommendation which will definetly be awesome. I couldnt take any ap in 9th or 10th grade and in junior year only 2 aps were available... i am taking 1 of the 2.

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<p>Put everything into an account then we would be able to evaluate you :-)</p>

<p>youre looking good. Try to keep your GPA up, and I dont have to tell you to try and raise your SATs, as Cornell values standardized test scores very highly. Your research will be what seals the deal. I know youre only a junior, but make sure that you especially stress this facet in your college application. And if youre still feeling unsure, try to get your work published (dont ask me how) in a magazine. This would help to strengthen your app a lot. Also, you seem to be interested in soccer. Do you still play or even just ref? Having a sport related EC would be good as well.</p>

<p>thanks a lot for the feedback, i will try to get my work published in a journal article and in terms of my ecs... I played freshman soccer in 9th grade but now i coach a team, i am on the board of the soccer club, and the webmaster... but i am probably not good enough for a sport</p>

<p>I read through your post. I can't tell, but people like you deserve cornell. That's all I can say. I agree with piman with SAT. SATs are important. If you get it over 1450+ (which is not that hard if you start from now) and apply ED, you will be at Ithaca in 2 years.</p>