Do i have a chance at getting into FSU or UF?

I’m currently a junior in high school and i have a 3.1 unweighted gpa and 4.1 weighted. I screwed up my sophomore year and ended up with a D as a final grade in my algebra 2 honors class. This year i am planning on getting straight A’s and raising my unweighted gpa to a 3.4-3.5. I am taking ap research, trigonometry honors, ap psychology, ap english lang, ap us history, and ap biology. I took the SAT already and got a 1450 and i plan on taking the ACT as well and plan on getting around a 31-32. I have been an active member of my schools model United Nations club and have won three awards through it. I am also the Vice president of the club. I am also a part of the varsity badminton team since my sophomore year. I am hispanic and will be a first generation college student. What are my chances of getting into UF or FSU my dream school is FSU

Realistically your GPA won’t jump at that high, so probably 3.3 or 3.4 max, but based off of your SAT score, weighted, and ECs you seem like you have pretty good chances.